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Post by Badger on 29th January 2014, 09:09

I saw ady's list about Android Apps; Since most people only have one mobile they are on just one the main Operating Systems (android, apple or windows) Well they are the main ones. I access Android Google Play store via my tablet which is great for now and again, but on a daily basis I use my Windows Lumia Mobile which is Windows Store; So I will cover a few apps i have on mine. 

1. SurvivalGuide. 
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                          This is a basic 'How-to' guide that gives tips on all different subjects, ranging from what is safe to eat to survival in different climates; It is very informative and it is almost all useful, apart from a few sections that refer to army order numbers for kit! Due to the fact that the whole guide is based on the 'U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76'. Still not a bad app, but for myself I found it more useful for a few 'hints n tips' that you can add to practices you already do.

2. British Trees.

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             A  useful guide to the trees in the UK; Gives you full details of each tree, shape of leaves and plenty of pictures for reference.
You can look like a true expert to the kids with this app.

3. St John Cymru Wales
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A full and concise First Aid App, this is the OFFICIAL APP so it covers everything! There is also a built-in quiz to test your knowledge or have the odd competition with camp-mates! From the title you may have guessed.... its bilingual too! So English or Welsh; Once downloaded no internet connection required. 

That's it for now, I will update this further in the next few days. I also have 'now maps' built in my mobile which is great. 

If anybody can add to the windows list that would be great.        

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