How to post remote hosted images

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Tutorial How to post remote hosted images

Post by Ady on 21st November 2013, 12:24

How to post remote hosted images 

This will give you a quick tutorial on howto place images on the forum that are remote hosted on photobucket, all the forum images and all my images are stored on a photobucket website, 

First upload your image to photobucket, when this is done you will see the image and 3 links below the image, you will need to click the direct link link, photobucket will show copied in the box where the link was, then it will return to the link,

once you have copied your direct link, goto the message box on the forum that you want to link the image into, 

click the insert image button,  (the image button is above the message box and shows a picture ) and you will get the drop down asking for your image link, paste your link here

Then press the insert button

This is the preferred method for posting images, as our storage space is limited

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