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Woodcraft and camping By G,W,Sears "Nessmuk"

23rd December 2013, 07:53 by tedmears

I have just read this book by G W Sears and i can honestly say this book is a very very good read.It is based on all of the trips and hunting he had done in the passed and explains what kit he had taken and food plus the tools he had specially made for him.also he talks about his fishing kit his flies he used to fish with and he talks about his guns.all in all its a story but a very good story.

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Aids to Survival - Western Australia Police Acadamy

5th December 2013, 07:26 by Ady

Aids to Survival

A free download pdf book from the Western Australian Police Academy on Bushcraft survival,

Its a really good read, full of tried and tested methods, and I found a fair few interesting bits of information to add to my soggy brain cells.  Even though its done for Australia,  it does give lots of information on kit, and packing kit, also other sections on first aid and even …

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The Bakpackers Handbook - Chris Townsend

28th November 2013, 03:13 by Ady

A great read easy to understand and loads of information on backpacking kit, including food, sleeping bags, rucksacks, tents, stoves, and all other aspects of gear.  Backpacking may not be your thing, but even so, this has all the information needed to build a great lightweight bug out bag, most of the equipment he has used and tried himself, and still uses, he pushes no individual company but …

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Bug Out: What to do when its time to get out of Dodge - M T Anderson

28th November 2013, 02:51 by Ady

Bug Out: What to do when its time to get out of dodge - M T Anderson

An interesting read, with topics covered in may other books, but this takes it one step further on what happens after you bug out. Covers topics on underground shelters a little bit on water filtration and where to go. it covers basic first aid and broken bones.

Well worth a read, but not as in-depth as other books I have …

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