21 thing's you might have and some of their uses

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default 21 thing's you might have and some of their uses

Post by tedmears on 3rd December 2013, 02:37

1)COINS: Bigger coins can be sharpened for cutting can be used to weight fishing lines and nets.
2)penknife:Keep it close and the blade sharp.
3)TORCH:Keep for night time emergencies and exploring cave systems.Don't waste the battery's.Reverse the battery's to prevent using them unnecessarily.
4)PLASTIC BAG'S:Invaluable.can be used for capturing water off tree's and for rain proofing shelters.If you don't have any take a look along road's beaches the chances are high that there will be something plastic in your area.
5)SMALL BOTTLE OF WATER:Don't break it it's the best way of transporting water you will have.
6)CREDIT CARD:Hard plastic edges can be used to de scale and gut fish.
7)MOBILE PHONE:Assuming that there is no signal the inside can be scavenged.Also camera lenses can be used to focus sunlight for fire lighting.
8)KEY'S:Anything metal can be sharpened and used as tool's or polished and used as fishing lure's.
9)LIPSTICK:Can be used to prevent chapped lip's as a sunburn preventative,or even as a soothing treatment for minor scratches and abrasions.it can also be used as a direction marker or for writing messages.
10)KEY RINGS:Can provide the wire or metal parts for trap triggers snares or holders for cooking utensils.
11)COMBS:Their teeth can be broken off,sharpened and used as sewing needles or fish hooks.
12)PAIR OF TRAINERS:Shoes are essential for exploring inhospitable terrain or fishing in sea water.Laces can be used as rope and bindings.
13)BOOK OF MATCHES:Pray to god they did not get wet.conserve and keep for emergencies.
14)GLASSES:Emergency fire lighting kit.great for fire lighting in direct sunlight.
15)TEA BAGS:In cold temperature's keep for a warming drink;in hot weather climate keep dry,as a can be used to alleviate sunburn.
16)PAPER BACK BOOK'S:If its your survival guide don't use it.Any other books  such as i am reading a farewell to arm's by Ernest Hemingway can be used as tinder to start fire's KEEP IT DRY.
17)PAIR OF TIGHT'S:Can be adapted to make netting for catching fish and as a filter to keep foreign body's such as leave twig's out of your water.
18)MAKE UP MIRROR:Great for signalling and for catching fish.put the mirror at the bottom of your net to attract fish.
19)STEREO HEADPHONE'S:Great for binding and making snare's.
20)shmege:Great head protection in hot climate's and can be used as a sling and for filtering water.Also as a back pack for carrying any gear you have.Also can be used as a bandage or a tourniquet. 
21)BOTTLE OF VODKA:It's a close call weather to drink it or use for medical emergencies.hard liquor can be used as both anaesthetic and antiseptic.when finished the bottle can be used as a carry container for water.

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