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Post by tedmears on 30th November 2013, 01:11

The law concerning foraging is comparatively straight forward at least on the surface.You are allowed to gather and take away the four F's
FOLIAGE FLOWER FUNGI FRUIT of clearly wild plant's e.g blackberry's and elderflower even on private land though other laws regarding TRESPASS and CRIMINAL DAMAGE may restrict you. You are not entitled to harvest anything from cultivated crop plants e.g orchard trees or field peas But under the wildlife and countryside act and the theft act you may not sell wild produce gathered in anyway or form. Nor uproot any wild plant without the permission of the owner of the land on which it grow upon. On various areas of land otherwise open to the public certain FORESTS,COMMON'S,PARK'S,and NEW OPEN ACCESS AREA'S redeclared under the COUNTRYSIDE AND RIGHT'S OF WAY'S ACT 2000 (crow)there are by laws prohibiting any kind of picking these usually are spelt out on the notice board's of the area.

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