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Post by Ady on 21st November 2013, 13:17

Due to the issues we had with Host Monster, it has come down to us having to start afresh. Sorry is all I can say for now, but it was something out of the hands of the WWB staff..

Anyway, we have set up this forum, and over time we will be shifting our domain name over to this forum, but this forum, as its free, has really limited resources given to us, currently we have only 20mb of storage, that is for the full forum, including images, so can you please post images offsite for now...

We are asking for donations to purchase credits for the forum, this is until we get our own webspace ect..

Any donation no matter how small will be greatly appreciated and all donations will go into the forum credit pot

Donations can be sent via the DONATE button on the front page, or alternately use the contribution link at the bottom of the page 

Thanks In advance  


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