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Warning3 Forum Ranks: Please Read

Post by Ady on 15th December 2013, 06:16

This is a list of the current Member Ranks on the forum, 
Remember to always show respect to other members of this forum, Irrelevant of their forum rank
This may seem a rather useless post, but many of you will understand forum ranking, this post is aimed at those that do not know this, 

Administrator:     Forum Ranks:  Please Read Administrator
This is the Highest level of rank on the forum. 
They have the greatest ability on what they can do, from forum layouts to banning.  They can modify posts and delete them.  Remember though Administrators are Voluntary, they cannot be here 24/7.

Moderator:     Forum Ranks:  Please Read Moderator
The Second Highest Rank (currently). 
Moderators can modify posts, move posts and other permissions on the forum, They are here to help you.  Remember though Moderators are Voluntary, they cannot be here 24/7, If you have an issue these are the first people to contact, but give the time for a response, If you contact a moderator, for an issue, don't contact other moderators or Administrators over the same issue, all this does is have many moderators working on the same issue, and it just causes backlogs on issues requiring attention.

Instructor:     Forum Ranks:  Please Read Instructor
These are members who we have given this rank because of their knowledge and have shown that they have the ability to teach other members in a good and clear way. They have demonstrated their ability throughout all aspects of Bushcraft, Camping and survival, These members also have some moderating ability, also they are also volunteers so they cannot be here 24/7.  Contact the instructors if you want help or advice on camping, bushcraft and survival. 

Support:     Forum Ranks:  Please Read Support
These are members that have shown the ability to help others around the forum, with good advice and help, these members offer help to their best ability's. They will mostly be active around the Skills sections, but can offer help around the forum.  Remember though Support are Voluntary, they cannot be here 24/7. 

Member:     Forum Ranks:  Please Read Member
Basic Members, these have the ability to post, view and vote in polls, ect. the basic membership is free, 97% of members will fall into this category

Banned:   Forum Ranks:  Please Read Banned
These are posts from members that have been banned for various reasons, their posts will be available to be read, that is if they are of some use to others.  This is not a rank that you want to join, When you joined the forum, you accepted the rules of this forum, breaking the rules can lead to this rank.  

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